If you did the monoprinting exercise you have all these great prints, now what?  Let's paint them! 

For this demonstration I show you how I go about painting the four pieces shown above.  I use acrylic and gouache, but you can use any paints that you would like.    I tried my best (okay, so I tried a little) to keep the print underneath visible in each one. While it's not important to keep the print underneath visible, I just like how it looks when a little of it peeks through, especially with the red print.  This is just a personal preference, you can go about it any way that feels right to you.  

There will be upcoming lessons that are more detailed in painting, this is a loose and intuitive painting demonstration. 

Supplies I Used: 



Walnut Ink


I used acrylics for a few and Gouache for the others. 

Acrylics used:  Light Magenta, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White

Gouache:  Vermillion, Raw Umber, White