• the voice + meditations of sarah blondin. her voice reminds me of brit marling’s from the OA - sometimes when i listen to these meditations i feel like i might transcend into another dimension.

this painting. so tender.

this has to be one of the best videos for a good laugh and this has to be one of the best for a good cry.


• the visceral videos of mark borthwick take me back to a time in my life when i was so much younger, filled with a billion unanswerable questions about the world and what it all means.

• loving raw milk podcasts. listening to this one while admiring the work of stella maria baer.

•  i had my third karate class last night. feeling very challenged, but loving it even with the frustrations of being a beginner. next class i get to wear my gi and maybe even get my white belt. part of me likes being a beginner, at least i have an excuse as to why i can’t seem to figure out my left arm from my right. and thank god we aren’t using swords or i would have cut off both my arms by now. where’s mr. miyagi when you need him?


• the beautiful watercolor paintings from satsuki shibuya.

this quote kinda sums me up. i don’t try to contradict myself on purpose, it just seems to come naturally. if i tell myself to do something a certain way 95% of the time I do it the opposite way. i am slowly driving myself mad. hopefully i won’t start making avant-garde art out of urinals.

• the amazing work of tahiti pehrson. i cannot even fathom the amount of patience it would take to create such work.


• i spent saturday morning foraging for wild dandelion greens for the perfect spring salad. it’s the best time of year for this, when the greens aren’t bitter and pretty much everywhere. if you go picking just make sure you pick in an area that isn’t sprayed with pesticides. if you are really ambitious you can pick + roast the roots for a nice coffee substitute. i have tried this, it’s fun to know how/what to do, but takes a lot of roots. there’s always dandy blend, which i love when i want a “coffee” drink.

• speaking of roots, how about some cake? two of my favorite foods in one - chocolate + beets = cake! crazy right? not at all. this cake is a showstopper. plus it’s gluten and dairy free! it does not taste like beets, it has a similar flavor of a really good mexican drinking chocolate . rich cinnamon and fine dark chocolate are gifts from god.

• looking for some cool new shirts for summer? uniqlo is my favorite place for affordable, good quality shirts for the whole fam.

swing low.jpg

• kinda obsessed with this book. right now it’s this color. i am so tempted to get this tube of it from michael harding. i have a couple tubes of this brand (this red is amazing) and love them. they are so expensive + so luxurious, at least as far as oils go.

• i recently discovered the work of holly warburton - talk about color! whoa. like so many things, i feel myself oscillating between wanting to paint with a lot of vibrant colors, and wanting a very limited, more neutral color palette. luckily, i am my own boss -holding the double edge sword. :P

• dinner tonight? i thought you’d never ask • it’s going to be an asparagus - mushroom stuffed focaccia bread and a spring mix salad with lemon juice and sunflower seeds.


this (and all) stationary • when i was a teenager i had over a dozen penpals from all over the world. i so loved to write and receive letters. beautiful stationary is still one of the few things i love to collect.

• the work of kevin waldron • really makes me want to write + illustrate a children’s book, something i have wanted to do since my children were little babes. each week we’d go to the library and get a stack of 30 children’s books to read for the week. i was on a secret mission to read every children’s book in the erie public library.

• i’m going through a carrot phase right now. can’t seem to get enough. i made a version of this soup • so simple • so good • i roasted the carrots at 450º first, to bring out their sweetness. it was a hit.


• seeing the work of mariana murabito makes me want to try weaving again.

• this guys instagram makes me want to take a long, leisurely road trip just to take photos.

• i made a version of these burgers last night - great for dinner and even better for breakfast. instead of bread crumbs i used ground-up crackers, instead of parmesan i used feta.


• another birthday treat that i am savoring. . . yuzu marmalade - perfect by the spoon or to stir into a cup of tea.

• i have become a Golden QoR Artist Educator. i have a feeling there will be a lot more watercolor paintings, like the one here, in my future.

• after listening to this podcast i was intrigued and decided to get the secret lives of color by kassia st. clair. it arrived yesterday and i am already fifty pages in and really enjoying learning more about color.


• it’s 10am and i am already planning dinner. fresh bread + this salad - i’ve actually never had watercress before. i hope our local little grocery store has it, since i plan on making it for dinner. i am so going to load it up with bubbies!

• Maira Kalman, i love her and her work and her love of dogs. this video never gets old.

• my herb garden has been calling me. mostly to weed, but also to get some new seeds in the soil. this year it will be calendula + russian tarragon along with the catmint, catnip, parsley, yarrow, oregano, and whatever else happens to return from last year.


• the work of Akira Satake. seeing it in person made me love it even more. meet my new little Yunomi!

• what’s in my teacup? spring. at least that’s what the 2019 “first flush” green tea tastes like. so good.

• watching this movie made me realize just how little i actually knew about john lennon. it inspired this playlist.


• if you find yourself sick in bed for days, instead of woe-is-me-ing over the tiny window view of spring move in without you, i highly recommend binging on salt, fat, acid, heat. of course, salt was my favorite. i ordered moshio and maldon sea salt this morning.

• once you feel alive again you might want to treat yourself to a new sketchbook, as i may have done. this is one of my favorite sketchbooks. i love the soft cover and the thick, but not too thick pages.

• to nourish yourself, after a week of, say just oranges and bread, try this simple, but satisfying soup.


• this tiny desk concert - i need to start a garden!

• i really love the work of wilfrid wood

• i cannot stop eating these chips - at least they are sorta healthy, depending on how many you eat!


• learning 1-10 in japanese and other random words for the karate class my son and i started this week.

• oh, how i would love to add these shoes to my growing high-top collection - too expensive for me, but i do love them.

• working on rewiring my brain - through meditation, music, and visualization.


• the rose bud tea from ching ching cha - very simple, but so good. organic rose buds + honey + hot water.

• the georgian bread at compass rose - this bread did not disappoint!

• the smell and feel of this face mask - i almost feel younger.


a new playlist -43- hbd to me

• absolutely loving the forms created by this potter

• thinking about painting this beautiful moth


• the return of spring peepers - such a beautiful sound.

vegan chocolate - so, so good!

• the art of maggie casey - makes me wonder how some people’s brains think so differently than others.


• my favorite incense, especially this time of year.

• my daily handstand practice - up to 8 seconds without the wall and 30 with. wahoo.

• these words from Mary Oliver - yes to a little mischief, some singing,and loads of kindness!


this article -has me dreaming about food as an art form.

this pathway has me swooning like never before.

• i am so in love with this color of paint. so dainty, so beautiful.

• the songs of helado negro - tiny desk

• learning the violin all over again - this time with the help of youtube/apps - starting with the suzuki book one.

this painting


this video - debussy for an elephant

• this instagram post from a local yoga teacher

• starting a new book on libby


my goal here is to share daily findings; inspiration, podcasts, photos, books, music, and other random things that bring me happiness somehow or other, three things at a time.

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 • the art and poetry of Bianca Stone

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