I just really allowed my muse to be my guide and I just go with whatever I'm feeling. - K. D. Lang

- a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Who or What is your Muse?

For this exercise you are going to connect with your muse and paint him/her/they/it as you feel, allowing them to guide you with what colors to use and what to paint.  So, show us your Muse!  

I worked on watercolor paper that I added a layer of Modeling paste to and allowed to dry.  This added a layer of texture. I then applied a clean layer of Chartreuse oil paint to the paper.  From there I sketched out what I feel my muse at the moment looks like.  I then went in with Canton Rose, Payne's grey, and White oil paint.  Overall I feel like this is a pretty good interpretation of what my muse might looks like, at least for now. 

Link For Download

Password: 100works