collage .jpg

Only have a short time to be creative?  This is the perfect exercise for a quick creative fix. 

Once you've created your patterned monotype prints you can cut them up and turn them into a cool collage!

All you will need is a couple of your monotype prints, scissors or a paper cutter,  a piece of paper to glue your pieces onto, and a glue stick. 

Cut your prints up into different size squares or rectangles, rearrange them, and glue them down. 

Other options:   

•  Work on a boldly painted background.  Allow some of it to show through as you glue your cut up pieces down. 

 • Cut or tear your pieces into organic shapes and overlap to create a unique collage. 

• Use the collage pieces as a frame to frame in a photo or peice of art.  

• Cut your pieces into thin strips and weave them together.