Summer Workshop + Other News

Saturday June 18th + Sunday June 19th  9:00- 4:00

Location: TopSail, North Carolina

Come spend two days painting your heart out on the beautiful coast of North Carolina.  In this two day Mixed Media Art Workshop I will guide you through a series of art journaling prompts, mixed media techniques, portrait exercises, and more... to see what you can discover as you prepare for creating a 16" x 20" nature inspired portrait done in acrylics that you will take home with you.

This workshop is for all levels.  

This will be a smaller, more personal workshop, with more one on one time during studio hours.  Space is limited.   

The workshop will be held at the private home of Kim Wood Beller.  Please email her for any concerns or questions about the studio and/or accommodations:  Kim's email:

Price:  $360.00   : WORKSHOP IS FULL

Kit Fee (payable to teacher in class) :  $30  Will cover all of your supplies for the weekend. all you will need to bring is an apron. 

A light and healthy vegetarian lunch will be provided both days.  

Deposit of 50% to hold your spot in the class and the remaining 50% due by June 1st. Cancellation policy: You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel before June 1st. No refunds will be given after June 1st. 

In the event of an unexpected emergency for Kim or myself all payments will be refunded.  

Other News:  

The latest issue of Spirituality and Health is out, and like usual, it is full of such beautiful artwork and life shifting articles.  I am so honored to have a piece of my work in this issue.  A piece that will be in the summer auction I mention below.  

Stephanie Gagos invited me to have a solo online art Auction this summer, and I said YES!!!   30 + New Original Paintings will be part of this Auction on July 22nd + July 23rd.  You can check it out here.  I am so looking forward to this, as I feel it will be a shift into the new work I want to create.

My Clay studio is getting a make over!  I. AM. THRILLED.  I cannot wait to get back into making pottery... hopefully full time once my studio is finished.  Until then I have set up my wheel in our little mudroom and am switching over to a new, higher firing clay.  New clay + new glazes + new studio = Happy Potter (not harry or hairy… happy ;) 

My daughter has been busy with many cool projects, one is silkscreening onto t-shirts a "shop local" design she created. It's a part of the whole "He Grew - She Drew" project she and my son are cultivating.  You can check it out here, if you would like. 

Other than that I've been gardening with my family, hiking with Ramona, and trying to twist my husbands arm into getting chickens... I think I almost have him convinced.  Until next time. x

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