Hello, it's me...

Sorry #notsorry. I couldn't help myself. I fell into Adele's new song pretty hard.  It took me several weeks to get it out of my head.  Of course, whenever I hear it I do what every other person who knows about love, lose, and regret does... I turn up the volume to the max, loose myself in the song, and sing my heart out.  And then there's Justin Bieber's new album, no wait... I best move on before you get the wrong impression of me. 😁

It's been a few months now since my family and I have moved back to Virginia.  After a year in Pittsburgh we were ready to be back... it's a long story that's best shared with a hot cuppa or glass of wine, but we are back and completely taking advantage of the beautiful nature that surrounds us.  I don't think I will ever tire of such scenes. 


I got to fly over these beauties just  over a month ago on my way to teach at She Matter’s retreat with Christy Tomlinson.  It was a wonderful experience, with lots of incredible food, art, and laughs. If she does decide to host another retreat in her house (or anywhere) I highly recommend it.  

I feel very lucky to have had the year of teaching that I had, sharing time with some pretty amazing people.  My life truly feels richer from it.   Next year I have two retreats scheduled so far.  The first is at Erin Faith Allen's retreat at Ghost Ranch, where I will be teaching with my dear friend Katie Kendrick.  Then, late summer I will be heading to NC to  teach at Donna Downey’s studio.   

We have a new addition in our family... 


Meet Cutie, the hedgehog.  

When my son was three years old he got a stuffed Webkinz hedgehog and named it Cutie.  Ever since he has loved hedgehogs and wanted a real one.  He finally has one of his own, after a friend of ours was looking for a home for her.  She very sweet and fun, even Ruby thinks so.  


Ramona is so excited about Christmas this year!  ;) 

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday!  


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