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Write out your poem on tracing paper (or any paper if you don't want it to be translucent).  I used a charcoal pencil to write out mine. 

Begin to add layers of collage to your gessoed background. Fusing each layer to the layer underneath.  You can make this a self portrait piece, if you'd like to add a photo of yourself to the work.  

Add colored wax paint at any time.  Add designs, wax crayons, and more collage. 

Add your poem at anytime, fusing each layer as you go. 

Add a layer of Gold Leaf to your final layer. 

You will need:

A poem

Charcoal Pencil 

Tracing Paper

Collage Papers

Gessoed Cardboard or paper (I used the back of a pad of paper)

Melted Wax

Gold Leaf Sheets (optional) 

Write a poem...

For this exercise, you can write any kind of poem you'd like. A stanza, a haiku, a limerick...etc. etc. 

Writing poetry can be easy.  All you need is a pencil and piece of paper.  It doesn't have to be profound or even good, just write. Write it out.  Write your thoughts, feelings, ideas.  Purging the words stuck inside of your head can help make space for new thoughts/ideas! 

Don't worry about somebody else's rules on how you are supposed to write a poem, just write.  

One thing to remember when it comes to writing poetry, less is often more.  How can you say something without saying too much?   

Need a prompt for writing a poem?  Here are a couple you could use:

It tasted like...

I woke up thinking...

Nothing feels as good as...

I am no longer...

Ten years...

Use any/all of these prompts.  Write the first few words down and then let the rest pour out. 

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