'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings.'  -  Lewis Carroll

I have always loved this quote, It was my yearbook quote 20+ years ago. not sure why, I just love it. :) So let's skip the cabbages and kings for now... unless you want to add some collaged kings and cabbages to your encaustic pieces?  Hmmm, this might be a fun challenge?  The Walrus and the Carpenter Challenge?  Anyone?  

If you haven't read the first lesson on Encaustics you will want to start there, before here.  


One of the many things I love about using wax is way it brings new life to old papers.  You can take a handful of old ephemera, a print of a picture you took, or  photo of a painting you made, and fuse them together to create a new piece of work! Add some designs, lines, a little oil paint to pull out the texture, maybe some gold leaf, and you have a beautiful masterpiece!  

For each of these pieces I worked on 9" x 12" paper that I gessoed with encaustic gesso.  I then applied a layer of beeswax before adding collage.  Before adding a piece of collage I dipped it into the tray of melted wax.  Once the first layer was on I used the heat gun to fuse the layers together.  I used my metal potter's rib scraping tool to lift off a little wax when needed.  I then added a top layer of simple details to complete each piece.  Simple, but so enjoyable and so addicting!  

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