Of all the mediums I love to use to paint portraits with I find Watercolors to be the most challenging.  Mostly due to the fact that I cannot slather on the white paint like I love to do with acrylics or oils when I mess up. However, I love a good challenge.  
For this exercise, I use watercolors to paint the Manet painting (find it below for you to use) of Victorine-Louise Meurent.  I started, working on cotton watercolor paper, first with a sketch.  I then began painting in the darker values, working my way around the entire portrait.  

Tips for using watercolors: 

• Treat yourself to good materials. Cotton paper if you can and good watercolor paints and good watercolor brushes! • Make sure your water is clean.  • Less is more when using color and water, until you get the hang of it.  • Start with a strong sketch.  

For this lesson I used Sennelier Watercolor Paints, Cotton Watercolor Paper, & Escoda Watercolor Brushes

"When in doubt, leave it white."  -Gene Allen

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