The best way to get better at drawing is by doing it and often!  For this lesson I wanted to create a drawing workout of sorts, doing Ten different drawings on 10" x 10" paper. Of course you can use any size paper or do as many drawings as you would like, but I like the ten by ten theme and it was just enough drawings to make me feel like I got a nice workout in.   

Find ten reference images that you'd like to draw.  These can be anything you'd like, from the products you love to use, to images of animals, people, buildings, instruments, anything you can find that you would like to draw.  Use a different medium for each line drawing.  Try painting or adding collage to the backgrounds of a few first.  

I used pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, water soluble pencils, colored pencils, and crayon.  

I don't labor over my drawings. I want to get freedom in the line.  -  Ellsworth Kelly