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I have to admit, there are some exercises I like and then there are some that I just love, this is one that I really loved!  It took me in a different direction than I had planned (as most do), but I let it and I love the final results.  

Starting off I glued down some old pages from a children's dictionary. I then glued down a layer of used tea bags, some that I had stamped with walnut ink. I allowed both layers to dry.  Once dry I went ahead and added a painting of a magnolia flower.  

I quickly sketched out the flower with a transparent paint (I would use a pencil next time). Then began to build up the values as I went. 

Feel free to paint something on top of your tea bag collage, or add more collage, or just let it be as a tea bag collage.  

Supplies used: 

Vintage dictionary pages

20 + used tea bags

Paper to glue everything to

Glue - I used PVA

Paint (optional) 

Tea & Painting!

Two of my favorite things combined!

 Put a cat on my lap while I drink tea and paint and I would be one of the happiest people out there.  

If you are a tea drinker start saving those tea bags!  If you aren't a tea drinker you can buy a cheap box of 100 tea bags and brew the strongest tea ever made by putting them all into a couple cups of boiling water, then allowing them to steep until cool, then straining them.  Now you have all the tea bags you need and a nice tea bath to tea stain some papers!


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