Art is the aesthetic ordering of experience to express meanings in symbolic terms.  - Daniel Bell


We are going to dive deep for this lesson and create a piece of work that expresses something we are going through, something we are immersed in, or something we experienced in real life or in a dream or meditation.   Use imagery in your piece that symbolizes what you are trying to convey through visuals.   For example: I wanted to express my feelings I had during a recent meditation, where I was suspended by all the things that I have attached myself to.  I used white birds for each of these attachments, although I could have easily used other imagery as the symbols of attachment, like an anvil, or a car, a house or people...etc.  I wanted to keep it peaceful and show a lightheartedness or willingness to let go of the things that are keeping me suspended.  I then wanted to add a pair of wings that were hovering above, waiting for the birds to be released, so the wings could become part of me when I was ready to fly off in my chosen direction.  I added the moon to symbolize enlightenment and eternity.  I added stars and constellations to symbolize a map of sorts to guide me on my way.  

What you create is now up to you.  Your painting should represent something you are going through or went through.  Use different imagery to symbolize whatever it is you wish to express.  

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