Basic supply list

A nice set of pencils

Glue/Mediums - Reg Gel Matte Medium,  PVA glue, and/or a glue stick  

A nice pair of Scissors  

A variety of Paint Brushes 

 Kneaded,  Stick,  or Regular eraser

Water soluble art Crayons

Black Stabilo and/or a Woody

Lyra water soluble pencil

Heavy Body Golden Acrylics are what I use the most, but any acrylics will work.  

Titanium White acrylic paint

White Gesso

Palette Paper

White and/or other gel pens

Paper for making a journal, painting, drawing. 

There will be a few random times throughout the workshop where I will use Gouache, and/or Watercolors, ink or other mediums, you an get these materials or just use the paints you already have.  I will be sharing more links throughout the workshop.

Collage Materials:  magazines, old books, old letters, pictures etc.  Etsy has some pretty awesome bundles of collage.