Supply List

A nice set of pencils

Glue/Mediums - Reg Gel Matte Medium,  PVA glue, and/or a glue stick  

A variety of Paint Brushes 

 Kneaded,  Stick,  or Regular eraser

Water soluble art Crayons

Black Stabilo and/or a Woody

Heavy Body Golden Acrylics are what I use the most, but any acrylics will work.  

Titanium White acrylic paint

White Gesso

Palette Paper




Collage Materials: magazines, old books, old letters, pictures etc.  Etsy has some pretty awesome bundles of collage.  

 Below is a list of some of my favorite places online to gather, become inspired, shop, and roam.  

Copyright Free Reference images/clip art:

These are just a few of what's available online - if there is something you are looking for just google it, mostly likely you'll find something. :) 

Clip Art  •  Public Domain Printables • Vintage Photos • Paper Craft • Public Domain Review • Graphics Fairy • NYPL • Flickr Public Domain • National Gallery • The Getty • Public Domain Files • The British Library • Public Clip Art

Printing Sites:

ARTIFACT uprising  •  iprintfromhome • Social Print Studio • Vistaprint • MooCards

Art Sites:

Wiki Art • Collage Art • Jealous Curator • Devian Art


Squarespace  • Typepad • Blogger • Tumblr • Madmimi

Art Supplies:

Blick  • Amazon • Cheap Joes • Jerry's Art • Jetpens • ClearBags  • Spoonflower  

Online Galleries: 

Etsy • Saatchi • Daily Paint Works  • Flickr

Ways to Connect with others: 

Instagram  • FB

Inspiring things to listen to:

NYPL Podcasts  • On Being  • 24/7 NPR music  • This American Life


Hello Poetry  • Poetry Foundation  • Poets  • Poetry Out Loud

Inspiring books/documentaries:

Hold Still • What Remains • M Train • Woolgathering • The Creative Habit  • Art and Craft  • Art21  • Exit Through the Gift Shop  • The artist is present • IRIS

My favorite soap for washing my brushes and getting paint off my clothes.