How many colors of a color do you have in paint? 

Yellow was the color I had the most variety of, so I gathered all my yellows in addition to pink and black and used them to see what kind of painting I could make.  I used this painting by Frantisek Kupka as inspiration and the image below for reference.  Feel free to use one or both images for your own painting.   I started off sketching out the image with a yellow woody stabilo pencil.  I then mixed up a some of the yellows with pink and black to make a few more colors.  From there I started painting.  To be honest I struggled with this painting.  It was frustrating. I painted over her little face about a hundred times, well, okay at least five times and then again, once the camera was off, I painting over the whole piece with a larger brush, all in less than a minute, making it less defined and more abstract.  I often do this once the camera is off if I am frustrated with the painting.  Not all paintings go well.  It's good to know this.  Sometimes they go off on their own and you have so little control that all you can do to keep from tearing it into pieces is to paint over it and walk away.   {insert grinning teeth face here}  Hopefully your experience with this lesson will be less intense and more rewarding. However, I do love the finished piece, that I painted over. 

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second. - Mattie Stepanek

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