I love quotes, I might just be a quote addict.  When I can't seem to find my own words for how I am feeling I look for quotes to speak for me.  For this exercise you will need a favorite quote or phrase.  You can use your own if you would like.   You will also need a strong focal image that can be used as a silhouette. There are some online, if there is something specific you are looking for you can google it.  I found an image in my collection of collage papers.  

I also used an image from Harter's Picture Archive of a snake.  You can bring in as much collage as you would like, or draw a focal image instead (or in addition) to collage. Use your quote or phrase to frame your focal image in.  Sketch it out (first with pencil, then with pen)  in your own handwriting or favorite font.   Add as much to your piece as you would like.  I added a drawing of flowers then used gouache to paint them in.  

Need A Quote? 

Here is a list of my favorite places to find great quotes...

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