Monotype Printmaking or Monoprinting is the form of printmaking that uses lines to create a single unique print from a design or drawing, using paint or printing ink on glass.  In this demonstration I will show you  several ways to make interesting prints, from simple to more complex.  What I love the most about printmaking, besides the unpredictable & exciting results, is that it's a great starting point for paintings.  Often times I will create multiple prints at a time to save to paint later, when I might not feel as inspired to think about what I should paint.  

For this lesson I show you three different, but similar ways you can go about creating a print.  First, is a more traditional way of using block printing ink (which is more like paint) on a plexiglass plate to lift off a print onto paper.  The next is using printmaking foam to create a design by using a wooden stick to impress it into the foam, then applying paint, and layering the paper on to the paint to create a print.  This method you can print multiple prints, but each will have its own uniqueness.  Then I use Open acrylics and paint onto glass to create a print.  

After you finish with this lesson you can then decide if you'd like to paint your prints {As I do here} or maybe you will want to cut them up {Like I did Here} and create a new piece of work with them.   Regardless, I hope you will enjoy this process as much as I did.  I think it's a great way to spend a day in the studio. 

It is the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun fails.  - Romain Rolland

Supplies Used: 

Block Printing Ink

Printmaking Paper and Drawing Paper



Reference images

A Brayer or two

Glass or Plexiglass Plate You can also use cardboard covered with aluminum foil.   

Foam Paper

Wooden Stick or End of a small Paintbrush