To start this exercise off you will need to find a reference image for the focal point of this collage.  You can look in the Pinterest folder or find any image from magazines/books...etc. that you would like to use. 

Use this image as reference as you sketch it out with a medium (hb) pencil in the center of your paper.  I used Bristol Paper because it's smooth and perfect for collage.  I then used a blending stick to soften the graphite.  

Once your drawing is finished, begin to add pieces of collage around your drawing.  Before I began my drawing I gathered a bunch of collage in a similar color scheme that I wanted to use for this exercise.  Rearrange your collage pieces until you are happy with their placement.  Then begin to glue them down, leaving space around the collage and the drawing for line drawing designs.   Be careful not to get glue onto your paper, as your pens will have a harder time writing on gluey paper.  Feel free to add words, a poem, or your favorite quote.  

Other options:  Use ink or charcoal instead of pencil.  Use colored pencils instead of pens.  Work on colored paper.  Add watercolor over top of your finished collage (if you do make sure your paper is suited for water and that your pens are waterproof.)  

Where to find good collage?  
I look for collage material everywhere, from junk mail, to old books, to magazines, to printing it from pinterest, to ordering it from ETSY.  
Here are a couple shops on ETSY that I thought looked good. (I don't know these people..just liked what they are offering.)  If you or someone you know offers collage bundles please feel free to share a link on the FB group site.  Thanks.  





Supplies Used: 
• Pencil • Eraser • Glue Stick • Collage • Artline Pens •  Blending Stick • Bristol Paper  • Scissors •  
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