Paint your own...

How sweet is it to receive a gift that has hand painted wrapping paper wrapped around it?  So sweet!   

For this exercise we will be painting our own patterned papers that can later be used for wrapping gifts, collage material, hanging on your wall, or maybe you just want to paint designs in your journal to enjoy the process of it.  

Not sure what to paint?  You can start simple, like I did, with big dots of paint, or you can use nature as your inspiration, or you can find a book, like the one above, to get ideas from.  There are also thousands of designs online, check out pinterest for different design boards

External Link For Download

Password: 100works


I used thin butcher block paper. This is a large roll and will keep you busy creating patterned paper for some time!  

I used thinned down (with water) black gesso for the black and white pieces.  I then used gouache for the colored pieces.  

I used round brushes for this exercise, like this one. 

Once your papers have dried you can roll them up to save for later. Plus they make a pretty display.