I love exercises like this, they take me right back to my early days of making art, when I was just a kid.  I can almost smell the paste that Mikey K was eating back then.   I am pretty sure it was YES paste, which works great for such an exercise.  But so does PVA glue, Elmers glue, or flour (mixed with salt and water). Even though I am way into my adult years exercises like this are still very enjoyable. It is especially enjoyable if you have children around that you can share it with. 

Paper-mâché can be used to create a simple mask like I create here, or elaborate life size pieces of work.  At one time it was used instead of wood for ornate pieces of architectural work to save money.  I feel that the imagination is the limit with such a material.  

You will need: 

• A glue. 

You can use Elmer's glue, PVA, or make your own.  Make your own by mixing flour, water, and salt (you could even add a little PVA or Elmer's glue to the flour mixture) to a pancake batter consistency. 

• Torn Paper  - Thin paper works the best.  Newspaper, newsprint, or older paper from books works very well.  

• A base to start on.  I started with a few sheets of plaster bandage to create a base to work on.  You could just start with paper, using a balloon or plastic bag filled with paper stuffing.

• Paint + a brush 

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