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For this exercise I started on hot press watercolor paper and created an energetic background using a layer of gesso to start in order to get a nice texture.  After the gesso dried I added watercolor paint, charcoal, acrylic paint,  water soluble crayon, pencil, and more gesso.  Lifting off areas of paint where I felt it was necessary and adding more marks when needed.  After working on it for a little bit and getting it to a place where I was happy with how it looked I then added the ink portraits over top.  You can use the same reference image (below) or any image you would like. 


Supplies Used for this demonstration:  

 Arches Watercolor paper.  Watercolor paint.  Golden Gesso.

Art Crayons. Charcoal sticks. Acrylic Paint. Pencil. Sumi Ink. Damp cloth. Scraper. 

External Link For Download Here

Password:  100works 

Please feel free to use the same reference image.

Please feel free to use the same reference image.

Here are a lot of great reference images that you could also use.