Painted Background Collage

Want a print?

If you like the piece I made for this demonstration and would like a print/card you can check them out here. 


Gotta start somewhere

It was 2005 when I first started getting serious about painting. Before that I was a ceramist, and before that a studio art major.   I would do art shows and envy the simplicity of the booths and set up of all the painters at the shows.  It was these feelings of not wanting to schlep any more pots to shows that started my next chapter of life.  Fast forward twelve years and here I am, sharing the process I first started with when making paintings/collages.  After all these years I still absolutely love this process.  I love how many different directions it can take you and how the results are always new and interesting.  


I worked on 16" x 20" cotton watercolor paper. I taped the edges of the paper to create a nice frame around the piece once it was finished.  I then added a layer of acrylic paint to the background.  From there I added a few designs using a stencil and my fingers.  Once the background was dry I added an outline of a profile, using a water soluble pencil.  Then I filled that outline in with collage.  Lastly, I added a few simple designs using gouache paint.  

Supplies Used: 

Watercolor Paper

Acrylic Paint