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Supplies Used: 

300 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Tracing Paper

A Soft Pencil 

Gouache Paints 


This is one of my favorite paintings I've done in gouache, using a color palette similar to the one I used for this demo, using yellow instead of red/orange. 

External Link For Download

Password: 100works


Can you tell I am totally in love with Gouache paints?   If you aren't feeling the same love please feel free to use any paint you do love.  My love for gouache may fade with time, but for now I am loving the flatness of the paints as well as how beautifully they mix together and that they can be brought back to life after they dry.  To me they feel like they are between watercolor and acrylics... between natural and synthetic. 

For this demonstration I take a single image and use it to make this painting by multiplying it and adding leaves and a little bit of writing.  I used tracing paper to trace the reference image and then reproduce it.  This is a fun way to get a drawing down without stressing out about proportions.  It is especially helpful if you are new to painting. From there I began to add gouache, allowing myself to get totally caught up in the process and go in a direction I hadn't planned, changing things as I went along.  



"You need both a bit of mind and a bit of mindlessness to make a painting. It's a play between control and surrender."  - Paul deMarrais

How to make work your own?  

• Consistently use a color palette you love. 

• Use reference images you feel connected to. 

• Add design elements that you love. 

• Keep creating.  The best way to find your own style is to create daily.   It won't take long if you show up every day and create.  

• Find inspiration everywhere. Not just from other artists, but everywhere. 

• Remove old inspirations that no longer serve you. 

• Spend less time online and more time in your studio.  

• Don't feel you need to explain yourself to anyone for the choices you make in your own work.