Materials List

Please don't feel you need to buy everything here.  You can always wait to see what/if you need something once you see the lessons.   I will try to put a list of all materials used for each demonstration.  



Heavy Body Golden Acrylics are what I use the most, but any acrylics will work.  

Titanium White acrylic paint

White Gesso, Black and Tinted is nice to use once and awhile, too.  Collage Materials:  magazines, old books, old letters, pictures etc.  Etsy has some pretty awesome bundles of collage.  

Qor Watercolors

Gouache Paint

Oil Paints 


A variety of Paint Brushes

Palette Paper Or a Reusable Palette

Palette Knives

Oil Paints Paper (you can also use watercolor paper that has been gessoed) 

Watercolor Paper

Every master knows that the material teaches the artist. -  Ilya Ehrenberg


Mixed Media:

Glue/Mediums - Reg Gel Matte Medium,  PVA glue, and/or a glue stick  

Water soluble art Crayons

A nice pair of Scissors  

Cheap Brushes

Sand Paper 

Collage Material from old books/letters etc. 

Fixative - Optional

Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created.  - Werner Karl Heisenberg


Clean up:

Fels-Naptha Soap