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 I don't use butterfly wings in my work nearly as much as I used to. Every so often I love to add them to a piece to create a whimsical feel to the work.   Using them reminds me of the time of my life when I used them in pretty much every single piece I created.  Looking back at those pieces I am reminded of that time in my life. I love how art can be a reflection of different times in our lives.  As we evolve our work evolves and we leave things behind without really knowing it until we later look back and see how the work or our lives have changed.  I feel like it's good to go back every so often and visit the ways we used to work to gain an appreciation for the work we do now.  It's kind of like visiting an old friend that we haven't seen in years. 

For this and a couple other lessons, I will be doing just that, revisiting my older work, creating lessons that are inspired from older pieces.      

For this exercise, I worked in an almost monochromatic color scheme, using Payne's Grey, Carbon Black, and Titanium White.  This allows me to focus on the texture, forms, and design of the piece without getting caught up in which colors to use. 

I worked on a16" x 20"  hardboard panel.  I glued a piece of cotton watercolor paper to the hardboard.  I then added a layer of gesso, then a layer of ephemera.  Then I lightly sketched the piece out and started painting.  


"Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable." - William Pollard

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