I cannot imagine being an artist in the time when very little was done, nor shared instantly, as it is today.  

Just think of when Rothko started painting huge paintings of solid colors, it was amazing because no one had done that.  Or when Pollock started throwing paint all over his canvas, dripping it this way and that, creating works of art that would later be in every notable museum across the world.  

Or when Jasper Johns used lines going in all directions to create a painting. It was all amazing because it hadn't been done and seen by everyone, everywhere.  All of these artists had the advantage of being the "first", and so they made a name for themselves and are still, if not more, famous today.  

Today it might be easier to be seen by more and more people, but it's a whole lot harder to find a  strong personal style of art than it was then.  While I think I would get very bored making art that is always somewhat the same I like to weave parts of my own "style" with those of others.  For this exercise we will be doing just that, using the work of Jasper Johns to inspire a portrait. 

I often find that having an idea in my head prevents me from doing something else. Working is therefore a way of getting rid of an idea.  - Jasper Johns
Reg or Soft Gel Matte Medium
Scrapper of some kind
11" x 14" Paper 
Acrylic Paints
Image for transfering 
Jasper Johns Image for inspiration

External Link For Download

Password: 100works