Mini Online portrait course

Once you sign up you will receive 6  downloadable video demonstrations, using found images of immigrants for reference.  In each demonstration I show you how I go about painting the portrait using acrylic paint. Each exercise I go about painting the reference image slightly different than the last,    using a different color palette to create flesh tones in every lesson.  In a few of the lessons I work more intuitively, allowing myself to be more expressive with the chosen reference image. 

Videos range from 30 - 8 minutes, there is almost two hours  of demonstration time. 

This is a great course for anyone looking for quick inspiration. Any artists looking to loosen up as a painter.  Beginners to more advanced artists. 

Plus - There will be a BONUS LESSON added at some point!  Because it's always fun to have something to look forward to.  

6 video demonstrations for $25 - Available now.  



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