Supplies Used: 

Tracing Paper

Ref. Image

Drawing Paper

Charcoal Pencil

Gold Leaf Sheets

Woody Wax Pencils

Melted Wax

I have always loved religious icons, I find them mesmerizing.  For many years I was obsessed with them and painted them often.  It's been some time since I have painted one, so I thought this would be a great time to get back into it, but instead of using acrylics or oils, I will be using wax.  This was my first encaustic Icon, but I hope not my last.  I really loved this process and hope you will, too. 

Starting off with a black and white image of an icon, I fused this to my paper using wax.  I then painted right on top of the b&w image.  Covering it up with strokes of melted wax. Fusing each layer as I painted. 

Once I was almost  finished I added a layer of gold leaf to the halo.  Using gold leaf sheets is very easy with encaustics, it naturally sticks right to the wax, once you fuse it it's there for good!  


Please feel free to use the image below.