Exaggeration is to paint a snake and add legs.  -Proverb

Well. Okay, but sometimes it's fun to add legs to things that shouldn't have legs or at least stretch things out just a little.   That's what I love to do, at least when it comes to creating, stretch things out a bit. 

For this exercise, I do just that.  I took a simple reference image I found from a magazine and used it to create my own elongated version.  I started off by quickly sketching it out with a Stabilo pencil.  I then used a color palette similar to the one in the reference image.  I very loosely painting in the figure and items in the piece.  

This is a really great way to make any image your own.  Changing it as you please, making parts proportionately larger or smaller.  For a challenge take one reference image and see just how many different exaggerated drawings/paintings you can make from it. 

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