Entopic Graphowhatia?  

Entopic graphomania! It's an addictive way of drawing connected lines using the impurities of the paper.  It is a surrealist method of creating designs.  For this exercise I didn't use my super duper sharp vision (I am joking, glasses are in my near sighted future) to try and find tiny impurities in my paper, instead I added a bunch of little dots all over the piece and connected them with straight lines.  You can use wavy or straight lines and work on any kind of paper. 

Before I added the dots I used a reference image of a man dropping a phone and sketched it on my paper, I then added the dots.  Once all sketched out I decided to go ahead and add some gouache.  You could do a whole piece with this way of drawing and skip a focal image, or try one of each.  I actually really love this technique and look forward to doing it again and again. 

Once you are done drawing/painting you can check out the Sew Entopic Graphomania lesson and stitch your lines.  


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