When I first planned out all the lessons for this workshop this was the very first lesson I planned on sharing, but as a rather stubborn person that likes to make and break my own rules I went right to the middle of the lessons and moved randomly from there.  So, after 70 some lessons, here I am, to the first lesson. Okay then. It would be a great first lesson, but also a nice break from all the other lessons.  I feel that sometimes it is just nice to jump ship and hop on a different path for a little while and that's what this lesson felt like for me since I have been doing much more painting than drawing lately.  

For this exercise, you will need an image of a bust.  I added a couple to the Pinterest reference board, but there are a lot on Pinterest if you just search.  I worked on Toned Gray drawing paper, using charcoal pencils - one white, one black, and one tinted orange.  I begin by lightly sketching it out with while charcoal, then adding values, blending them in with a blending stick every so often.  

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