This lesson was inspired by one of my most favorite photographers, Duane Michals.  When I was living in Pittsburgh the Carnegie Art Museum had a show of his work, it was amazing.  I even got the chance to see him in person, he was eating, otherwise I might have said hello.    His work just speaks to me, I don't know why, but it does.  I love when he takes a photograph and paints quirky objects or shapes on top of it.  For this exercise, instead of taking a photograph and painting on top of it I paint a found mug shot and paint it, then paint shapes on top of it.  

I sketched out the portrait using a Lyra pencil, then used black gesso to paint in the darks, then I used titanium white for the lighter values.  Once it was Dry I sketched out a few shapes on top of the portrait.  I then used the primary colors (plus pink) and painted in the shapes.  

Need a Mug Shot?   There are a lot on this site and this site.   You could also make this a self portrait, if you'd like to use a mug shot of yourself.  

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