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It's been a really busy time for me and my family.  Just when I think things cannot get any busier something else gets added to the calendar.  It's during busy times like this when I just want to take a break to ground myself somehow, through meditation or walking or making art.  So I decided to make a sign to put somewhere to remind me when I see it to stop and take a break.  My sign easily could have been "this too shall pass" or "don't bite off more than you can chew" or "run while you can"  ;)   Heck, there are so many things my sign could have been, but I went with four words my daughter's doctor told her recently during a check-up, in order to help her deal with the stress of high school and college prep:   deep breath in... release.  It's amazing how something so simple as taking a deep breath in (raise your shoulders as you do, bring them all the way up to your ears as you fill your belly with air) and then releasing that breath (as you do drop your shoulders and let all the air out of your belly) can restore a feeling of peace.  

For this exercise you are going to be making a sign for yourself, anything you need to be reminded of, or maybe an incentive of sorts to help you reach a goal, that you can then hang somewhere to remind yourself of daily.   

I worked on 10" x 14" cotton watercolor paper.  I sketched out my design with my mechanical pencil.  I then used gouache, starting with the background, and working in layers.  

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Password: 100works 

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