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I can't let a workshop go by without doing an exercise using Complimentary colors.  Personally, I am a little bit jealous that these six colors have a complimentary color that makes them look their best if side by side. How great would it be if we all had a complimentary color. Someone to stand next to us an make us look our very best and brightest.  I guess that's why we dress in certain colors, although I mostly wear shades of grey, so I am not so sure what that says about me. 

   For this exercise I used Blue and Orange, my two favorite colors.  You can use Green + Red, Yellow + Purple, or Orange + Blue.   I also used a regular portrait, glued down to paint over, and an inverted image of the same portrait glued down next to it.  On the normal portrait I used the orange for the lightest color and for the inverted image I used blue for the lightest color.  You can use the same color as the light for both, or change it up as I did.  I feel that these kind of exercises help keep your brain stimulated.  

I used Acrylic paint, but you could use oils or gouache or encaustic.  

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