Remember when you were five years old and nothing was better than a brand new coloring book and new box of crayons?   If only happiness could be that simple again... but wait, maybe it can!  Let's give it a try!  This time, instead of a coloring book, a reference image of anything you'd like to color over and some water soluble crayons. Use the crayons to color over the image and create a new work of art.  It IS that simple!  You can make them as odd, interesting, and/or beautiful as you would like.  These crayons bring a whole new level of happiness to coloring!  

I glued my reference image to a sheet of Strathmore paper, then started coloring in the image. I used a little spray of water whenever I wanted to blend in my colors.  I then added a bit of gesso at the end to mute and blend the colors.  


Painting with a little beeswax and too much heat. 


Carand'Ache Artist Crayons

Reference Image 

Spray bottle of water 

Glue stick 

White Gesso

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Password:  100works