This would be a really great exercise to do in a journal if you would prefer or maybe go big with this one.  I worked 11" x 14".   I started by putting a layer of collage down on my paper, creating a nice background to build on.   From there I drew out the drawing that I wanted to add on top of the collage layer. I added some watercolor paint to add a little color.  I then added some cut out words that I wrote out on drawing paper.  I used tissue paper to draw out another image and glued it down. From there I continued to add more details with crayons and collage and pencil.  

External Link Here to Download

Password:  100works 

Supplies Used: 



Printmaking Paper

Watercolor Paper

Tracing paper

Watercolor Paint

Water Soluble Crayons

Vintage Papers

UHU glue stick


The creation of an art collage from the soul is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. Your soul's voice can be heard through the images, feelings and insights that surface. 
-Kathleen Carrillo