Supplies Needed:

6 -12 self portraits taken in the same spot with different expressions on each pose.

PVA Glue or Reg Gel Matte Medium as a glue to glue your portraits to your paper. I used a semi dried up glue stick which led to a lot of unwanted air bubbles between the papers.

Mixed Media Paper or Watercolor Paper

I made my book 8” x 10” My paper was 16” x 10” before I folded each piece in half.

Acrylic Paint • I used Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black

Stabilo Pencil


An awl to punch holes, scissors, string


Take your portraits (I used snapchat/filter to take my pictures), print them out, cut them to size. Mine were cut to 8” x 10”

Cut/fold your pages for the book. Glue each portrait to the front and inside of each folio. Be sure to remove any air bubbles.

Mix any colors you’d like for your portraits and paint over the faces. You can outline the features using a Stabilo Marks All pencil or black paint, as an option.

Paint all the faces in the book.

Decide if you want to cut the faces in half or thirds and then cut them. I used a paper cutter, but scissors or an exacto knife will work too.

Punch holes in the spine of the book and tie together using a piece of thread.

Enjoy your fun new book!

Feel free to really mix things up. Use animal faces mixed in with your own. Or portraits of your friends and/or family. Or Use magazine portraits. I hope you have lots of fun making your own flip book! Once you are finished feel free to share your book with us on the FB group site and/or instagram #take30workshop