Each and every single time I create a journal page I think to myself, why don't I make art like this more often?!  It is such a freeing and expressive way to get out whatever it is that is inside of you that wants/needs out!  Sometimes it's just more about having fun, getting messy, and moving collage/paint around without any care of whether or not it's good.   Your journal is a place for you to surrender all of your thoughts, cares, and feelings, without any worry about what the results look like.  

For this exercise collage was my focus, but I also added acrylic paint, crayon, and tape/stickers.

A great place to find collage is in discarded children's books from library sales, recycling centers, or online. 

"What art does is it makes you feel alive and makes you feel like you're connected." -Viggo Mortensen

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