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Q & A 

When does it start? 

 The first lesson will be posted on July 12, 2019. Join in at any time.

How much?   $90

How long will I have access to the workshop?  

• January 2021 - possibly longer.

Will the videos be downloadable? 

   • YES! All videos are downloadable.  

What skill level is this workshop for? 

   • This workshop is designed for all skill levels.

How is it different from your past courses? 

   • This is my very first all watercolor workshop, so all new lessons!

Do I have to buy all the supplies on the materials list? 

   • Of course not.  A full supply list is given below, but it is not necessary to buy all the materials.  Try to use what you already have and go from there. 

What if I get behind? 

   • No worries.  There's no race to finish first, just take your time and enjoy the process.  You might love one lesson and want to stay there for awhile, or skip over lessons.  Do what feels best to you.  

Do I have to join the FB Group? 

   • Absolutely not!  But it really is a great way to share yourself, see what others are working on, inspire and be inspired by others in the course, and just connect with other artists. One of my favorite parts about teaching these courses is the relationships that are created during them between other students.  You just never know when you might meet someone you connect with on a creative level that will enhance your life.  

Can I share the workshop site? 

   • This is a private course for those that have paid, I gently ask that you please respect me, my livelihood, and everyone who has paid for the course and not share the links/passwords.  Thank you so much for being considerate of this. 

Can I share my work on my blog, FB page, instagram? 

   • Absolutely! Please do!  

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind? 

    • Sorry, but there are no refunds whatsoever once you have signed up for this course due to logistics.  This included any acts of God that could prevent the finalization of this workshop on either side.

Can I sell my work created during the workshop? 

   • Absolutely! I hope you will! 

Do I need high speed internet? 

      • Having a high speed connection really helps reduce frustration.  Downloading the videos also helps the videos playback at a more fluid speed, so if you can, I recommend downloading each video if you are having playback issues. 

Can I use my ipad? 

   • Yes, all Videos/Lessons will be ipad compatible. 

All Shapes + Sizes

Watercolor Workshop!

Lesson One:

Making Watercolor Paint. Watercolor Basics. Testing Colors. Choosing the best tools. Trying out Mediums. Playing with watercolors.


An accordian Book full of shapes + symbols.

Lesson Two:

Painting Words. Typography + More


Create a journal of words/poems/quotes - some more abstract.

Lesson Three:

Designs + Florals


Create a handmade book of designs.

Create a floral inspired painting.

Lesson Four: Animals/Nature


A book of (insert your favorite animal/plant/insect here).

Lesson Five: People/Faces + Mono Printing.


Creating a monochromatic portrait.

Painting Faces.

Making a Watercolor Icon.

In this workshop you will learn how to use watercolors the traditional way and the not so traditional way. I will be sharing with you all the ways I love to stretch the boundaries of this beautiful medium.

There will be lots of learning, exploring, getting messy, and having fun. With each lesson there will be a project or two, most of which are making a simple handmade book to fill with examples from that lesson. I love this way of teaching/learning because it gives you lots of space to work out your ideas and see the progress along the way.

˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙

It’s summer here, which means the days fly by and life is busy. Therefore, this will be a leisurely workshop, allowing time to really get involved with each lesson before jumping into the next. It begins July 12th and ends once all the lessons have been posted, which could be sometime late August or even later, depending on what life allows. I will be dedicated to this workshop until it comes to an end, as all good things do. Feel free to join in at the beginning or anytime.

All images seen here are mock up ideas for this workshop. Lessons will be based off the images you see here, but the images created during this workshop will be new.

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Q+A Continued…

 Can I give this course as a gift? 

   • Yes, of course.  How nice of you!  Just leave me a personal message when you sign up for the course.  Or email me here:  mistymawn@gmail.com 

Can I use the offered space to market my own workshop or shop?

   • I kindly ask that you wouldn't. Please reserve the space for sharing your art created in this course. 

Can I teach what I learn from this course and/or write an article for publication on techniques used during this course? 

   • Please use good judgment when considering doing so.  I understand everyone has different motives as to why you might sign up for any course, but copying a project and teaching it online or elsewhere just isn't cool. If you take what you learn from what I offer and wish to teach/write please be sure to mold it into your own original ideas.  Thank you.  

Will there be a DVD available?  

   • Sorry, but there will not be a DVD available for this workshop due to the high content and lengthy videos.

Still have more Questions?  Please feel free to email me... mistymawn@gmail.com  


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