Supplies Used: 

Paper -  Folded into as many pages as you'd like

Pencil + Eraser 

Paint - I used Gouache 

Scissors + Collage bits + Glue 

This is a quick and fun exercise focusing on painting in the negative space and then using pencil to draw faces in the positive space.  From there I added a tiny bit of collage and a little more paint. I did all of this in a mini accordion book made from one sheet of paper. 

You can make an accordion book by taking a long sheet of paper, any size, and fold it in half, then fold the ends in towards each other, do this again until you have met the inside folds.  

 I would love to see someone create a larger piece like this.  

Sorry I forgot the title on this video... I guess it's called "title"

External Link For Download

Password:  100works