I used a slightly different primary color scheme for this exercise: 

Quinacridone Red

Aureolin Hue

Cobalt Blue 

Titanium White. 


For both portraits I did not sketch out the portrait to begin with, instead I just started putting down organic shapes of color, using a medium flat brush.  

Allow yourself to be as free and bold as you would like with your portraits.  

I could have made my portraits even more abstract than I did, but sometimes I have an idea of how I will create an exercise, but it goes in a different direction than my plan. 

More abstract would mean less recognizable, less detail, more expression.  

External Link For Download

Password: 100works 

I apologize for the "circus" music in this video...

it sounded like a good the first time I listened to it... eeeek. 

Please feel free to use the portraits I used as reference.