If you have photoshop (If you don't you can try it for a week for free online) you can drag a photo of your finished work into photoshop and add color, texture, and brightness to your work.  


Begin by making a list of 100 words about yourself... or if you would rather, 100 things you are grateful for.  If you can't quite make it to 100 that's okay.  I made it to about 70 for things about me.   After you have made your list, circle 20 or more of your top things you feel reflect who you are.  

Next, on drawing paper, sketch out your words in pencil, using as many different fonts as you can come up with and in different sizes. Feel free to add doodles of any kind to your sketch. Once you have sketched it all out in pencil  you can go in with pen and outline your marks.  

If you would like to paint in your words feel free to do so.  

I worked on 11 x 14 bristol paper.  

Supplies Used: 

Bristol Paper

Pencil + Eraser 

Artline Pens

Books I recommend on typography: 

Typography Sketchbook

Little Book Of Lettering

Catalog of Type hand Job

External Link For Download Here

Password:  100 Works