100 Faces in one sitting? 

It's not as overwhelming as it might sound!  It's actually very fun, so fun you forget how long you have been at it by the time you are finished. 

All you need is a large sheet of drawing paper, I worked on 18" x 24", a pen, and a handful of reference images.  I used a bunch of old National Geographic Magazines.  Of course you could always just draw from your head, but I found it helpful to have the reference images nearby to guide me, plus I loved seeing how they changed a little each time around. 

Feel free to take it further once you have drawn all your 100 faces and add paint, crayon, ink, or cut them all up to use for collage.  

"The faces people make when they are photographed and the face they have when you draw them are very different." - Elizabeth Peyton

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