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embrace yourself online workshop 

 hello + welcome.

This workshop is filled with traditional and nontraditional art journaling, tips and tutorials on self care, and other non-journaling art lessons.  You know if you've taken my workshops in the past I try to offer as much as possible, to make it all worthwhile.  

All of the material will be available to watch & download as you like until January 2020. 

Price for workshop: $150

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Why Art Journaling?  

Each time I approach a new workshop I look for ways to make it fresh and exciting, and while I have touched on art journaling in some of my past workshops I have never fully focused on it. I love how expressive journaling can be, without fear of mistakes or expectations of  pleasing anyone.  Plus, I started the new year off making a commitment to take better care of myself,  as I try to slow down a little and savor life as much as possible.  I wanted to weave together ways to be creative while nurturing ourselves.  

While this course will focus on Art Journaling all the lessons can be applied to pieces of art not in a journal.  You might even decide you want to work on canvas or wood the entire time, that's perfectly okay!  

In addition to the workshop there will be a fb group where you can share your work & self,  and connect with others in the workshop.  Weekly prompts and assignments.   A weekly playlist of a variety of music.  a list of some of my favorite resources for supplies, printing, and images.

But what will we be doing? 

A little drawing, a lot of painting (multiple subjects with various mediums), some collaging,  some designing, a little photography, a bit of writing,  some lettering, learning, sharing + caring, and even a little bathing ;). 

Supply List can be found  *here* 


- Nitty Gritty - 

How many video demonstrations will there be?  Over 30 videos

How long will I have access to all the content of the workshop? 

February  2019.   The videos are downloadable.  

How much is the course?   $150  

How is it different from your past courses? 

Techniques may overlap, but everything is fresh. 

Do I need any previous experience to take this course?  

No.  I try to teach in a way that benefits the novice and the skilled artists. 

Do I have to buy all the supplies on the materials list? 

Of course not.  Try to make do with what you already have and go from there. 

What if I get behind? 

No worries.  You have  time to work at your own pace.

Do I have to join the FB Group? 

Absolutely not!  But it really is a great way to share yourself, see what others are working on, inspire and be inspired by others in the course, and just connect with other artists.  

Can I share the workshop site? 

please understand that This is a private course for those that have paid, I gently ask that you please respect me, my livelihood, and everyone who has paid for the course and not share the links/passwords.  Thank you. 

Can I share my work on my blog, FB page, instagram? 


Can I sell my work created during the workshop? 


Can I give this course as a gift? 

Yes, of course.  Just leave me a personal message when you sign up for the course.  Or email me here:  mistymawn@gmail.com  

Can I use the offered space to market my own workshop or shop?

I kindly ask that you wouldn't. Please reserve the space for sharing your art created in this course. 

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind? 

Sorry, but there are no refunds whatsoever once you have signed up for this course due to password logistics. 

Can I teach what I learn from this course and/or write an article for publication on techniques used during this course? 

Please be respectful and use good judgment when considering doing so.  If you take what you learn from what I offer and wish to teach/write please be sure to use your own voice and make your work original.  I spent months (not to mention all the years i've been making art) planning this workshop.  it never feels good to have someone swoop in and take what you've worked so hard on.  Thank you.    


a few of my past workshops

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