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Join me for this extensive online art workshop where I will be sharing with you

100 different tutorials!!! 

...using various mediums. 

Pencil • Charcoal • Ink • Acrylics • Oils • Gouache • Watercolor • Collage • Printmaking • Papier-Mâche • Mixed Media • Crayon • Pastels • Encaustic

 I am so thrilled about this workshop!

100 Tutorials?!!  Yes!!! 

Most of the tutorials, if not all, will be in video format.  There may be a few that are photo demonstrations.   

There will be different themes, prompts, and techniques shared throughout the workshop using the mentioned mediums. There will be a lot of portraiture (my favorite subject) as well as many other subject matters; from color, to line, to the absence of line, to texture, to journaling, to realism, to abstraction, and so much more! If you've taken my online workshops over the past ten years you know I don't skimp on material!  

This workshop will be a great way for anyone wanting to develop a stronger art practice, expand as an artist, and spark your creative fire. 

$165 - Now on Sale -> $80

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Q & A

When does it start? 

   • It has already started.  Join in at any time!  

How much?  

   •   $165.

Why so much?  

 •  Compared to any live art workshop or actual class this price is a steal. You get so much more to dive into and you can watch each lesson again and again.   Not only that, you are signing up for a workshop from someone who has made art for as long as they can remember, studied studio art in college, and thrives from sharing/creating art.  Plus, 100 lessons for $165 isn't all that much when you work it out.   

What size of paper will we be working on? 

This will vary from lesson to lesson,

but mostly 9" x 12" or larger. Most of the lessons can be applied to any surface, any size.  

How long will the workshop be?  Great question

   • As long as it takes me to finish + post all 100 works of art tutorials, working diligently every single day until all are complete.  When you begin the workshop, there will be plenty of tutorials to keep you busy. 

How long will I have access to the workshop?  

   • Until March 1, 2020, if not longer.  I am using my regular website this time around (not an additional website like I have used in the past). 

Will the videos be downloadable? 

   • YES!  For those who wish to download the videos to your computer you can do so on the Vimeo website using the "Download" button.  Then the videos are yours to watch anytime you wish.  

What skill level is this workshop for? 

   • This workshop is designed for all skill levels. If you are brand new to the art world you will be able to do most of the lessons and if you are a skilled artist I feel that you fill find inspiration in the lessons.  

Can I share the material with my friends? 

   • Only if they have signed up for the workshop. I highly encourage any interested friends to sign up together, it sure makes the workshop more fun if you can meet in person and work on the lessons. 

How is it different from your past courses? 

   • Techniques may overlap, but all lessons are brand new.  

Do I have to buy all the supplies on the materials list? 

   • Of course not.  A full supply list is given below, but it is not necessary to buy all the materials.  Try to use what you already have and go from there. 

What if I get behind? 

   • No worries.  There's no race to finish first, just take your time and enjoy the process.  You might love one lesson and what to stay there for awhile, or skip over lessons.  Do what feels best to you.  

Do I have to join the FB Group? 

   • Absolutely not!  But it really is a great way to share yourself, see what others are working on, inspire and be inspired by others in the course, and just connect with other artists. One of my favorite parts about teaching these courses is the relationships that are created during them between other students.  You just never know when you might meet someone you connect with on a creative level that will enhance your life.  

Can I share the workshop site? 

   • This is a private course for those that have paid, I gently ask that you please respect me, my livelihood, and everyone who has paid for the course and not share the links/passwords.  Thank you so much for being considerate of this. 

Can I share my work on my blog, FB page, instagram? 

   • Absolutely! Please do!  

Can I sell my work created during the workshop? 

   • Absolutely! I hope you will!  

Can I give this course as a gift? 

   • Yes, of course.  How nice of you!  Just leave me a personal message when you sign up for the course.  Or email me here:  mistymawn@gmail.com 

Do I need high speed internet? 

      • Having a high speed connection really helps reduce frustration.  Downloading the videos also helps the videos playback at a more fluid speed, so if you can, I recommend downloading each video if you are having playback issues. 

Can I use my ipad? 

   • Yes, all Videos/Lessons will be ipad compatible. 

Can I use the offered space to market my own workshop or shop?

   • I kindly ask that you wouldn't. Please reserve the space for sharing your art created in this course. 

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind? 

    • Sorry, but there are no refunds whatsoever once you have signed up for this course due to password logistics. 

Can I teach what I learn from this course and/or write an article for publication on techniques used during this course? 

   • Please use good judgment when considering doing so.  I understand everyone has different motives as to why you might sign up for any course, but copying a project and teaching it online or elsewhere just isn't cool. If you take what you learn from what I offer and wish to teach/write please be sure to mold it into your own original ideas.  Thank you.  

Will there be a DVD available?  

   • Sorry, but there will not be a DVD available for this workshop due to the high content and lengthy videos. 

Still have more Questions?  Please feel free to email me... mistymawn@gmail.com  

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From drawing to painting to printmaking and SO much more!

All works shown here are only examples of what's to come, not actual pieces that will have demonstrations. They are test pieces created while working out my ideas for this workshop.


Lyra water soluble pencil

Gouache Paint

Heavy Body Golden Acrylics are what I use the most, but any acrylics will work.  

Titanium White acrylic paint

White Gesso, Black and Tinted is nice to use once and awhile, too.  

Palette Paper

Collage Materials:  magazines, old books, old letters, pictures etc.  Etsy has some pretty awesome bundles of collage.  

Black Stabilo and/or a Woody

"By painting I am trying to find myself. My work stems from a desire to create something from nothingness" - ichiro fukuzawa


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